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Browse our amazing tropical aquarium accessories and discover the best products for you

Once you’ve got your tropical aquarium sorted, why not stock up on some useful tropical aquarium accessories? From the Algarde Dulux gravel cleaner to the condensation tray, there will be something for everyone, and for great prices too.

Effortless maintenance

To be able to have a properly maintained aquarium, you’ll need some of these essential accessories to keep up with your tank requirements without the hassle. Clean gravel with ease and effortlessly scrape away algae with our amazing range of tropical aquarium accessories. Become a maintenance pro with an Ista All In 1 Smart Maintenance Set that has everything you need, all in one!

Affordable tropical aquarium accessories

Watermarque have selected a range of high quality, yet affordable tropical aquarium accessories that we believe would be ideal for your aquarium, helping you to create a balanced tropical home for your fish whilst keeping them safe and happy.

Stick it, build it, fix it

Don’t forget the small essentials when it comes to creating an amazing tank. Stock up on sealants, silicones and adhesives including the Dow corning silicone, ideal for attaching fixtures and sealing connections.

Ordering products through Watermarque is quick and easy, especially if you create an account with us. Or why not pay a visit to our Watermarque superstore located in Somerset?


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  1. Algarde Aquarium Scraper
  2. Algarde Deluxe Gravel Cleaner
  3. API Algae Scraper - Acrylic *New*
  4. API Algae Scraper - Glass *New*
  5. API Hand Held Algae Pad - Acrylic *New*
  6. API Hand Held Algae Pad - Glass *New*
  7. Betta Black Silicone 310ml
  8. Betta Clear Silicone 310ml
  9. Betta Fish Net Breeder
  10. Betta Gravel Cleaner Large
  11. Betta Gravel Cleaner Medium
  12. Betta Gravel Cleaner Small
  13. Betta Siphon
  14. Boyu Aquarium Scraper
  15. Clearseal Condensation Tray 18" x 12"
  16. Clearseal Condensation Tray 24" x 12"
  17. Double Isolation & Breeding Box
  18. Dow Corning Silicone 25g
  19. Dow Corning Silicone 310ml
  20. Dow Corning Silicone 78g

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