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All the latest aquatics items, to help you pamper your pets even more

The aquatics industry is ever-changing. Don't get left behind! Watermarque can ensure that you won't, in fact. How? By making available to buy all the latest new industry products, at competitive prices. That's right. Just because something’s new and 'leading edge', that doesn't mean fish-lovers everywhere should be expected to pay a small fortune for it. No way. At Watermarque, we’re always careful to stock high quality aquatics products at prices enthusiasts can realistically afford. After all, aquatics should be for everyone.


All our new products are sourced from leading companies, such as TETRA, EHEIM, JUWEL, CIANO, ARCADIA, REEFLOWERS, CLEARSEAL and BETTA. That means you can have faith that you’re making a small investment each time in the very best aquatics gear.


Improve and perfect the aquatic environment

Enjoy browsing our range of new products and then simply place your order. You can purchase either online or in store, don't forget. Stock up on aquatics products that have been specially developed and scientifically formulated with one goal in mind: to create an ideal marine environment for fish life and invertebrates. 

Exceptional quality conditioners


Plastic Plants in dazzling colours

And much more!


Having the right stuff – the very latest industry products – will help to give you peace of mind. Feel good about spending a little money to make sure your fish and reptiles are being properly looked after in perfect conditions.


New products that are essential, not just optional

Aquatic environments can be aesthetically wonderful, but they can also be complex to maintain. Risks and threats to marine life can abound, if the environment is not checked on, cared for and scrutinised at regular intervals. The aquatics products we can offer you have all been carefully chosen and then added to our growing new products range, to help our customers (new and existing ones) get the most from aquatics – having a fabulous aquarium, vivarium, or pond at home that not only looks amazing but is also maintained to the very highest standards.


FREE next day delivery (when you spend over £50)

Enjoy browsing our diverse selection of pond-related goods, and then grab all the pond products and publications that you need. Our customers come back to us time and time again, to purchase new aquatics products from our website or at one of our superstores across Somerset. They like our fast delivery service, and that ordering is super-quick, especially if they create an account with us!

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  1. Betta Choice F2 Cartridge Pack 2pcs *New*
  2. Betta Choice F2 Sponge Pack 2pcs *New*
  3. Betta Choice F3 Cartridge Pack 2pcs *New*
  4. Betta Choice F3 Sponge Pack 2pcs *New*
  5. Betta Choice F4 Cartridge Pack 2pcs *New*
  6. Betta Choice F4 Sponge Pack 2pcs *New*
  7. Betta Plant/Rock Aquarium Background 60cm high - priced per cm
  8. Ciano My Crab Aquarium and Filter
  9. Ciano My Shark Aquarium and Filter *New*
  10. content D-PHENOTHRIN 1.86%WW
  11. ET Reptile Cave Small
  12. ET Water Dish Medium
  13. ET Water Dish Small
  14. ET Waterfall Pebble Design Small
  15. Extra Large Hiding Cave
  16. Fluval Ammonia Remover Foam Insert Block *New*
  17. Fluval Aquasky LED 12w 38-61cm (replaces 18" tube)
  18. Fluval Aquasky LED 16w 53-83cm (replaces 24" tube)
  19. Fluval Aquasky LED 21w 75-105cm(replaces 34" tube)
  20. Fluval Aquasky LED 25w 83.5-106.5cm (replaces 36")

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