Aquarium Accessories

The extra necessities you need to complete your cold water aquarium Enjoy effortless aquarium maintenance with Watermarque’s selection of cold water aquarium accessories. Choose from cleaning equipment, condensation trays and nets and dividers to assist you with your aquarium upkeep routine. Useful tools and equipment Say goodbye to reaching your hand into your tank with a handy Eheim plant tong, and effortlessly and carefully scoop up fish with a Betta fine fish net, carefully designed to ensure your fish do not get stuck in the net. Watermarque is your one stop shop for all sorts of cold water aquarium accessories, so browse below to find everything you need. Quality products for friendly prices Since maintenance is an essential step in making sure your aquarium is the best it can be, we’ve made sure that all of our cold water aquarium accessories are available to you for accessible price tags. Need to replace your algae magnet? Why not pick up a brand new one from Watermarque for under £5? Register for an account with us today for a pleasant online shopping experience, or why not take a trip to our superstore set in beautiful Somerset? Alternatively, you can always contact us on 01278 661900 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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  1. Algarde Aquarium Scraper
  2. Algarde Aquarium Syphoning Set
  3. Algarde Deluxe Gravel Cleaner
  4. API Algae Scraper - Acrylic *New*
  5. API Algae Scraper - Glass *New*
  6. API Hand Held Algae Pad - Acrylic *New*
  7. API Hand Held Algae Pad - Glass *New*
  8. Betta Gravel Cleaner Large
  9. Betta Gravel Cleaner Medium
  10. Betta Gravel Cleaner Small
  11. Clearseal Condensation Tray 18" x 12"
  12. Clearseal Condensation Tray 24" x 12"
  13. Eheim Cleaning Brush 100cm For Hose 12/16mm
  14. Eheim Gravel Cleaner Set
  15. Eheim Plant Tongs 400mm
  16. Eheim Plant Tongs 600mm
  17. Eheim Power Cleaner
  18. Eheim Power Cleaner Blades
  19. Eheim Quick Vac Pro Battery Vac
  20. Hagen Marina Algae Scrub - Large

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